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The rules of the game are being rewritten with each wave of innovation. Disruptive technologies and business models are reshaping your industry ecosystem creating new possibilities and forging what only yesterday would have seemed unlikely partnerships.

The risks are real, but so are the opportunities. Those who embrace this change, who are able to adjust their strategies and stay one and two moves ahead of the competition, are those who will lead us to tomorrow. Today’s dynamic business environment demands dynamic enterprise.

EDG combines the disciplines of business strategy, innovation and organization design with the change management and leadership required to turn vision into reality.

EDG empowers companies and individuals to imagine boldly and act decisively.

Services include: Business Strategy

Envision future scenarios for your enterprise and develop corporate transformation and growth strategies.

Trend Analysis and Customer Insights Vision and Strategy Development Design Thinking

Organization Design

Infuse your vision, business strategy, and unique company “point of view” into every element of your organization.

Innovation Architecture HR for Innovation Team Building and Culture Change  Alliance and Network Building

Change Management

Gain stakeholder commitment to your strategy through compelling communication and powerful enrollment practices.

  Leading Complex Change  Change Planning and Implementation  Rapid Prototyping and Pilot Projects

Leadership and Coaching Services

Develop stronger and more capable leaders who respond successfully to the “tests” of commitment and guide their enterprise toward its envisioned future

Individual Coaching and Mentoring Leadership Team Building  Leading Innovation

“Thriving in our ever changing world requires clear thinking and a team focus. Friedman and Gyr provide tools based on practical experiences to help executives and change agents rise to the challenge of creating organizations that are responsive to and capitalize on change.”
—Wayne Moon, Chairman and CEO, Blue Shield of California


“EDG’s world-class design expertise, coaching abilities, and facilitation skills helped make our global leadership event an 11 out of 10.”
— Cathy Dixon, Director of Global Staffing and Development, Silicon Image